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At present, the development of China's hardware mould industry can be summarized in the following three characteristics:

(I) Hardware signage custom production costs rise, profit reduction

With the continuous improvement of living standards, raw materials also grow. For example, the labour force, which our country once prided itself, declined at an annual rate of 13.6% per cent between 2011 and 2004, and ceased to grow in 2015, when the demographic dividend ceased to exist this year. In addition, enterprises to produce products not only need a large number of production materials, but also need to support logistics and other aspects of the cost, resulting in high costs to make enterprises heavy load. In such a stressful environment, enterprises will focus on the labor resources rich and cheap Southeast Asia, and even some European and American manufacturers have long shifted the focus from China to India, Vietnam and other countries.

(Ii) Brand handbag hardware accessories difficult to export to the outside world, the economy is affected

Financial openness is a vigorous initiative of governments since the 21st century, in which the transnational movement of international capital has become very convenient, but at the same time it poses a great threat to global economic security. As we all know, the main object of China's foreign trade is Europe and the US and other countries, Europe and the US National sovereign credit rating will directly impact China's foreign exports, thus affecting China's real industry investment, and further impact on China's relevant industry region of economic growth and employment situation.

(Iii) Brand footwear hardware accessories weak innovation ability, slow brand construction

We often put on the mouth of a sentence, "Innovation is the driving force of enterprise development", but how many enterprises really do innovation? On the market, 80, 90后 gradually become the main market consumption, they pursue the product of different, and these market circulation of old conservative products can not meet their needs. In addition, 80, 90后 generally pursue brand products, because the brand of products are bound to be higher after the sale of this aspect than others. Brand building for the enterprise is a business card, take out the product can be called the name, this is not a kind of publicity for the enterprise? You know, looking at the product basic "compatriots build" market, scientific and technological innovation and brand building for enterprises struggling in the market is an urgent matter.

Although the hardware industry as a traditional industry, in today's social development appears to be slow, but we must seize every transformation opportunity that society throws at us, seize the opportunity, break through the bottleneck. Society is constantly changing and developing, if enterprises want to keep up with the pace of social development, they must absorb new things and open up products that can meet the needs of the market. And this requires us to vigorously introduce science and technology, enhance the innovation awareness of product research and development, promote the optimization and upgrading of the industry, and establish a good order of the market environment.