• Brand Hardware Accessories

    Brand Hardware AccessoriesWe jiatai specializing in the production of Guangdong brand Apparel hardware accessories: Chicken eyContact Now

  • Round Tower

    Round TowerNumber of plates, keychain, bottle opener, tie clip, belt buckle, craft spoon, bookmark, cuffs, logoContact Now

  • Swivel clip

    Swivel clip"Product Introduction" 1, Material: the use of environmentally friendly non-toxic POM materContact Now

  • Triangle Ring

    Triangle RingSpecial-shaped chain or accessories can be used to map sample custom-made processing, can also be deContact Now

  • Staircase Buckle

    Staircase BuckleJiatai Company in the promotion of its own brand at the same time, after years of experience, has esContact Now

  • Square Buckle

    Square BuckleAlloy products die-casting and casting, professional brand quality, focus on the production of alloyContact Now

  • Japanese word Buckle

    Japanese word BuckleThe backpack strap buckle described here is the Japanese-shaped iron clasp shown below, and when worContact Now

  • Pull Core Buckle

    Pull Core BuckleOur company can be customized a large number of Guangdong brand luggage hardware accessories, GuangdContact Now

  • Pull Tablets

    Pull TabletsThis is the golden age of the consumer industry, and according to Boston Consulting, China's consumeContact Now

  • Plug Lock

    Plug LockWith the continuous improvement of living standards, raw materials also grow. For example, the labouContact Now

  • Signs

    SignsHardware accessories refers to the use of hardware made of machine parts or components, as well as sContact Now