Triangle Ring

Triangle Ring

Product Details

"Name" Metal triangle buckle triangle ring buckle

"Material" premium wire

"Surface Treatment" electroplating

"Color" silver

"Origin" Guangdong brand apparel hardware Accessories

"Usage" Guangdong brand luggage hardware Accessories

Because the measuring tools are different, the error 1-3 mm is the normal range, not as the basis for after-Sales and return!

Special-shaped chain or accessories can be used to map sample custom-made processing, can also be designed and manufactured according to the use of customers.
The company to, integrity-based, price concessions "purpose, with" Force star "series of products, is willing to connect with you to win the bridge.
Warmly welcome new and old friends at home and abroad to visit and negotiate, friendly cooperation.
Because the chain price fluctuates with the material price, so this price is for reference only, the current price please call for details