Brand Hardware Accessories

Brand Hardware Accessories

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We jiatai specializing in the production of Guangdong brand Apparel hardware accessories: Chicken eyes, Baken, buttonhole, Smash nails, corner nails, anti-bead smash nails, rivets, circuit board rivets, horn rivets, 8.5MM double-pointed copper head, double flat copper head, copper cap, button, button, button, button, Jeans button, four-, four-buckle, dark buckle, pop, button, The seam knob, the big white buckle, five-claw buckle, five-claw, serial five-claw, wrapped five-claw buckle, four hole knob, hanging bell, rope buckle, spring buckle, and word clip, shirt and word clip, circle Buckle, D buckle, mouth buckle, needle buckle, square buckle, bra buckle, 8 word buckle, hook, 9 word buckle, etc.

Our company's products can be processed color points are: hanging electricity, rolling, baking oil and other three color effects;

Hanging electricity points are: hanging gun, hanging gold, hanging lat, hanging chromium, hanging green Gulas, hanging gun hanging silk, etc.;

Rolling points are: lat (nickel/silver) color, bronze (Qing gu), Asakusa (Gu Yin), deep g lat (gun color), such as a variety of environmental protection color, bronze sweep nylon, deep g lat sweep nylon, etc.

Baking oil is: white, black, yellow, fluorescent oil, etc.

Welcome to the need for Guangdong brand apparel hardware accessories, new and old customers call to consult and negotiate!