Pull Core Buckle

Pull Core Buckle

Product Details

Guangdong brand Luggage Hardware Accessories Product Introduction:

1, good product quality, price concessions.

2, electroplating color can be arranged according to customer requirements, such as hanging white cracking (silver), hanging gun, hanging gold and so on.

3, according to customer requirements, sample open mold custom-made.

4, product packaging in line with export standards, at the same time can be arranged according to customer special requirements packaging (such as independent packaging, paste protective film).

5, Shipment fast. Delivery can be based on customer requirements, priority order production.

6, the quotation is subject to the actual quotation.

Guangdong Brand Apparel Hardware accessories purchase notes:

1, due to the company's many styles of products, many style details can not be displayed online, customers through consulting customer service to obtain the specific details of the product and real products I fine book map.

2, due to the supply of product layout style too much, wangwang price is not necessarily as a product of the final transaction price, customers can be consulted by the customer service to obtain the price | Real products of the actual quotation, quantity and weight is also the key factor affecting the price.

3, Spot products can support 7 days no reason to return, return freight by the buyer to bear.

4, spot because custom-made products are not suitable for two sales, so I hope that customers in the purchase of communication with customer service and confirm fine, bill in the production period and do not customize the |, if there is quality or other issues can contact with customer service consultation and communication processing.

5, if there are special packaging requirements or designated courier, logistics company, with customer service shipment contact details.

6, before signing, please check whether there is out of stock and quality problems, if there is a problem contact signing customer service, we will properly handle.

7, the use of goods in the process of any problems can contact customer service consultation and communication processing, after-sales we will do our best to solve your problem.

8, we welcome any want to join, agent of the individual or two groups of companies, specific cooperation

Please contact customer service for details of the cooperation.