Japanese word Buckle

Japanese word Buckle

Product Details

The backpack strap buckle described here is the Japanese-shaped iron clasp shown below, and when worn, it can be adjusted to control its length.

① Wear, first put the Japanese-style buckle side up, put one end of the backpack strap, from the clasp below the hole to wear out.

② then put the backpack from the clasp under the hole through this end, and then take back, from the buckle above the hole to wear back, the following figure.

③ put it back, then put this end of the backpack strap, and then wear it again from the hole below the Japanese-shaped clasp, and when you're dressed, the following figure is stacked on top of the first wear.

④ then, then put the tape through the past, also from the day buckle above the hole to wear back once, dressed, the following figure.

⑤ now, you can tighten some of the backpack belt, the backpack with the recent word buckle in the middle bar of that part, leave some appropriate length, and then, as shown in the following figure arrows, up and down with needles and money seam firmly, so that the backpack belt of the day buckle on the wear, seam good, you can stretch the length.

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