Double-sided Smash nail

Double-sided Smash nail

Product Details

Once you've started using the smash magnetic buckle, you'll realize how wonderful and universal they are, and you can use a smash magnetic buckle in many ways! They are great, especially when you are dealing with luggage, with a lot of multi-layered sewing machines .... Just install the smash nail!

Crash Nail mounting tool (also called Crash nail mounting mould)

Single-sided smash nails, double-sided smash nails are available in two sizes, 14mm and 18mm, so the installation tools used are two sizes

The following is the installation process for installing a double-sided smash magnetic buckle using a crash nail mounting tool

Hit nail installation mold quality must be good quality, if the use of the mold and the size of the smash magnetic buckle difference does not correspond, will not be assembled on the nail or even damage the hit nail magnetic buckle, mold quality is poor after the use of a few times the mold itself will break. So in the selection of molds when it is recommended to choose a good quality mold, I use is deep Rong hardware production of the installation mold, feel the quality is very good

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