Hook Buckle

Hook Buckle

Product Details

Fasteners, in our daily life everywhere, ordinary to clothing shoes and socks hat. Usually used backpack, camera bag, mobile phone bag, baby stroller, pet traction belt, swimsuit, even MM close bra have buckle presence, as a true outdoor enthusiast, it is necessary to understand the performance of the backpack.

Classification of Fasteners:

Backpack buckle is generally divided into interpolation (also known as side open buckle), adjustment buckle, day buckle, mesh buckle, ladder buckle, hook buckle, spring rope buckle, there are some more special uses, now introduce the characteristics of these fasteners.

Use and strength.

First, brand footwear hardware accessories Buckle

The selected materials are generally: POM (poly **. Commonly known as Cylon Steel). PP (Polypropylene) and PA (polyamide Commonly known as nylon) buckle by the public buckle and the composition of the mother buckle. One end for the shoulder, waist fixation, in order to play more effectively the role of the buckle, the production company is also constantly changing, in reducing the weight at the same time, to ensure that the strength of the same, the proportion: A number of adapter buckle, commonly used in strollers, strollers, taxi seat belts and other safety products above, specializing in the production of luggage handbags Materials, can provide a variety of new product design 3D drawings. Open the mold. Production of finished products, in the craft can also be designed color label or printed LOGO, can also choose electroplating, painting, laser and so on. It can also be polished according to the different feel.

Second, brand footwear hardware accessories hook buckle

Its materials using POM PP PA hook buckle is generally used for the side of the one-shoulder bag, while connecting the D ring, the other side of the ribbon, has now added a lot of alloy elements, so that the hook buckle is more powerful to achieve better.

Third, brand footwear hardware accessories adjustment buckle (Japanese word buckle, square buckle, ladder buckle, D buckle)

The adjustment buckle contains many kinds of fasteners, but their materials are generally used in the majority of POM, can also be used: PP PA (for the tensile strength requirements are not high) adjustment buckle used to adjust the length and tightness of the ribbon.