Aluminum Buckle

Aluminum Buckle

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Aluminum buckle is a mountaineering equipment. Process hardware accessories using aluminum alloy, or iron, or stainless steel made of a variety of shapes, such as aluminum alloy round mountaineering buckle ring-shaped mountaineering buckle, runway shape, aluminum alloy runway climbing buckle aluminum alloy egg-shaped mountaineering buckle egg shape, square, triangle and so on. Aluminum alloy mountaineering buckle because of its light, anti-corrosion, anti-rust and other advantages, by outdoor sports enthusiasts love. Not only that, mountaineering buckle is now widely used in the field of sporting goods, such as stainless steel triangular mountaineering buckle can be used in sandbag rope, can cope with high-strength stretching. It is quick to hang items quickly.

The main rope and auxiliary rope are divided into two kinds. The main rope is long 60--100 m, ca. 10 mm in diam., and the weight per meter is required at 0. About 08 kg, the tensile resistance requirements are not less than 1,800 kg. In the past, more jute production, nearly has been converted to nylon fiber as raw materials. There is also a main rope with a diameter of 8--9 mm, which weighs 0 per meter. 06 kg, the tensile force is not less than 1,600 kg, used to climb the steep rock wall. The length of the auxiliary rope depends on the activity requirements of each region, without uniform specifications, with a rope diameter of 6--7 mm and a weight of not more than 0 per meter. 04 kg, the tensile force is not less than 1,200 kg, the raw material is the same as the main rope, used for self-protection and the use of a variety of auxiliary knot on the main rope for protection, as well as rope bridge crossing the river, with traction rope bridge transport materials.

Craft Hardware Accessories teach you 4 hiking tips:

1, the first thing to do is to eliminate walking is only the simple idea of foot movement, it is to mobilize the organs around the common work of the movement. Walking not only requires the Walker to maintain the balance and pace of the body by swinging his arm, but also to adjust the breathing and pace in the walking process in a rhythmic state. The best walking speed is walking without wheezing, pulse as far as possible not more than 120 times per minute, shoulder back quite, full foot touch, from heel to toe displacement, try to maintain a uniform speed.

2, walking uphill, the center of gravity should be in the front of the foot, the body slightly forward, downhill when the center of gravity in the back of the foot, while reducing the center of gravity, the body slightly drooping, regardless of the uphill downhill, for the slope of the location, should go "the" glyph, try to avoid straight up and down.

3, walking in the rest should also pay attention to methods, generally the length of the combination, short how long and less. On the way to a short break is best controlled within 5 minutes, and do not remove the backpack and other equipment, to stand the rest of the main, adjust breathing.

4, in addition, mountain climbing as a fitness exercise, can also be achieved in different ways to achieve different purposes. For example, if you want to increase endurance, you can use small steps, medium speed, with deep breathing, if you want to enhance the strength of the legs and feet, you can take a medium, stride, medium speed, intermittent upward, take a period, a little adjustment, and then take a paragraph; Walk for a while, run a few more, and walk a while.