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Decorative Hardware

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Introduction to Hardware Parts

Hardware, refers to the use of gold, silver, copper, iron, tin and other metals through processing, casting the tools obtained, used to fix things, processing things, decoration and so on.

What are the hardware parts of the decoration?

First, bathroom hardware

1, washing surface pool faucet; 2, washing machine faucet; 3, delay faucet; 4, shower; 5, soap tray, soap butterfly; 6, single cup rack, single cup; 7, double cup rack, double Cup; 8, paper towel rack; 9, Toilet brush bracket, toilet brush; 10, single-bar towel rack, double-bar towel rack; 11, single-storey shelf; 12, multilayer shelf; 13, bath towel rack ; 14, beauty mirror; 15, hanging mirror; 16, soap dispenser; 17, hand dryer.

Second, plumbing hardware

1, aluminum pipe; 2, three-lane; 3, wire elbow; 4, leak-proof valve; 5, ball valve; 6, eight words valve; 7, straight through valve; 8, ordinary floor drain; 9, washing machine special floor drain; 10, raw tape.

Third, kitchen hardware appliances

1, kitchen cabinet pull basket; 2, kitchen cabinet pendant; 3, sink, sink faucet; 4, scrubber; 5, Hood (Chinese, European); 6, gas cooker; 7, oven (electricity, gas); 8, water heater (electricity, gas); 9, pipeline, natural gas, liquefaction tank; 10, gas heating furnace; 11, dishwasher; 12, disinfection cabinet ; 13, Bath bully; 14, exhaust fan (top type, window, wall type); 15, water purifier; 16, skin dryer; 17, food residue processor; 18, rice cooker; 19, dryer; 20, refrigerator.

Iv. Lock Class

1, external door lock; 2, hand lock; 3, drawer lock; 4, ball type door lock; 5, glass window lock; 6, electronic lock; 7, chain lock; 8, anti-theft lock; 9, bathroom lock; 10, padlock; 11, number lock; 12, lock body; 13, lock core.

V. Handle class

1, drawer handle; 2, cabinet door handle; 3, glass door handle.

Vi. doors and Windows hardware

1, Hinge: Glass hinge, corner hinge, bearing hinge (copper, steel), pipe hinge; 2, hinge; 3, Track: Drawer track, sliding door track, crane wheel, glass pulley; 4, plug (ming, Dark); 5, door suction; 6, ground suction; 7, ground spring; 8, door clip; 9, door shutters; 10, plate pins; 11, Door mirror ; 12, anti-theft buckle crane; 13, strip (copper, aluminum, PVC); 14, Touch beads, magnetic touch beads.

Vii. Home Decoration Small hardware

1, Universal wheel; 2, cabinet legs; 3, Mensing; 4, duct; 5, stainless steel trash bins; 6, metal hoist; 7, plug; 8, curtain rod (copper, wood); 9, Curtain rod hoop (plastic, steel); 10, sealing strip; 11, lifting and drying hanger; 12, clothes hook, hanger.

Eight, building decoration small hardware

1, galvanized iron pipe; 2, stainless steel pipe; 3, plastic bulging pipe; 4, pull rivet; 5, cement nail; 6, advertising nail; 7, mirror nail; 8, expansion bolt; 9, self-tapping screws; 10, glass bracket; 11, glass clip; 12, insulating tape; 13, aluminum alloy ladder; 14, product bracket.

IX. Tools

1, Hacksaw; 2, hand saw blade; 3, pliers; 4, screwdriver (one word, cross); 5, tape measure; 6, Lexus; 7, nozzle clamp; 8, oblique nozzle clamp; 9, glass glue gun; 10, straight handle twist bit; 11, diamond bit; 12, hammer bit; 13, hole opener.

Hardware Accessories Shop

First, to understand whether the product has factory name, site, trademark and whether there is a professional quality inspection agency recently issued inspection and conformity report.

Second, the appearance of the lock to be clear, the appearance is not rough, feel to be warm. Lock open rotation sensitive, locking installation should play a role, feel can not have the failure of the feeling, the secret performance is better.

Third, the purchase of materials to moderate, feel strong, secure, do not choose cheap and inferior materials with poor quality information to manufacture a variety of locks.

Four, the lock device is also a key: The device should be strictly in accordance with the product elucidation book stop, to recognize the center distance of the device, the scope of application and the opening method of locks. In particular, be careful not to install in the humidity of the wooden frame door to avoid the corrosion of harmful substances.

Five, usually insist on the cleaning of the lock body, to avoid foreign bodies into the lock core bullet groove, the formation of the opening when the roll, so that the lock can not be opened.

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