Guangdong Brand Jewelry Hardware Accessories Company: These top hardware brands, maybe a lot of you have not heard
- 2019-04-16-

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Kitchen functional hardware can not be used without the support of basic hardware, but do not underestimate the basic hardware, their scientific and technological content and technical barriers, higher than your imagination.

Of course, the difference in quality and price is even more surprising.

Come and talk to you today. Kitchen Crafts Hardware accessories brand, there are some top brands, many people may not have heard of.

➤ What is kitchen base hardware?

Basic hardware generally includes: hinge, damping, slide rails, etc., simple and rough said is, all let cabinets and pull baskets to achieve the effect of opening, sliding, staying and so on hardware components.


The most to stand the test is the hinge. It not only to the cabinet and door panels precisely linked up, but also to bear the weight of the door plate alone, and must keep the consistency of the gate arrangement unchanged, otherwise after a period of time, it may be back and forth, slipping the shoulder off the corner.


The entire drawer in the design, the most important accessories are slide rails, due to the special environment of the kitchen, low-quality rails even if the short-term feeling good, a little longer will find push and pull difficult phenomenon.

Damping is with the slide rail and hinge, damping has two of the most important role, one is to improve the accuracy of hardware, the other is anti-punching shock absorption.

Flip the door support.

➤ Brand Products Uncover

The following is a single talk about the product.

Kitchen hardware First Echelon members:

Glass in Austria (GRASS), Ching, Italy (Salice)

This was followed by the German book Heidi (Hettich), the Austrian hundred Blum.

Germany's Keith BMW (KESSEBOHMER) product line is small, relatively small, focus on functional hardware.

The above each has the characteristic product, all belongs to the precision Echelon, then introduces their characteristic in detail.

Glass in Austria (GRASS) is one of the largest hardware traders in the world, focusing on the development of furniture hardware, as their slogn say: Make the opening and closing of furniture the most comfortable experience.

Their products are mainly comfortable, cabinet products do the best is the drawer system, and then the accuracy point is the slide system, the other also has hinges, flip support.

In the domestic visibility is very low, but the quality of the product is properly.

The official website is almost hard to find, glass GRASS China

Italy's Ching (Salice) is a veritable hinge king, the world's first modern furniture hinge is someone else out.

In Europe's high-end furniture market is in a "monopoly" position, Germany and Italy's top cabinets are almost all used Salice hinges.

Blum has done so much in the Chinese market that he still has to give him royalties every year.

Expensive and good.

Not only AO Jiao, extremely capricious, adhere to the non-generation of workers, hundred points Baize accessories all from the European mainland.

This is also the assembly and electroplating process of all the general plant production.

Especially concerned about the purity of the lineage, so it is not easy to buy at home, the stock cycle is long.

In addition, surface treatment and rich color is also a major feature.

Savoy Ching (Salice) China

Germany's Heidi Poem (Hettich) like a furniture hardware store, product line multi-faceted development, in China's visibility is not low, and the above two are still a little gap.

Many people have the impression of him is expensive, solid materials, excellent performance, domestic shanzhai goods a lot, buy when you need to shine.

Do a good job, the official website is easy to find

Then is the Austrian Blum (Blum), more like a cabinet hardware store, the main product is hinge, with the Li is still a big gap.

Subsidiaries super much, in the past few years thanks to the partner Bologni in the domestic marketing promotion, almost the highest visibility, but most of it is pulled over to endorse their own products.

For example, Eupeboloni experience Shop, a water Blum, hinge mostly, other upgrade products few consumers really buy, put on to you to see, experience the experience of such cabinets more comfortable.

Austrian Blum Blum Hardware official website

The German case BMW (KESSEBOHMER), with a few smaller than the above body volume, focus on cabinet functional hardware, design and technology did not say, the selection of harsh materials, fine workmanship.

Why come to China to say it is interesting, Ningbo a company registered in the domestic BMW (KASSBOMAR) and sales of the appearance of "almost" pull basket, the lawsuit did not win, Rage came to China to open a shop.

Germany Keys Polaroid China official website

Then there's haifule of Germany (Hafele).

It is due to haifule own introduction: Guangdong Brand Jewelry Hardware Accessories International Distribution Center, product line rich, covering construction, furniture, cabinets and other fields, most of the global procurement and factory OEM, is called the hardware industry Carrefour.

If there is one hardware haifule is not, you do not have to go to other homes to find.

Haifule official website

Domestic brand ups and downs change is relatively large, functional hardware waves sand, Pat dead one after another, the previous years of June Kang, nine lung are in the market to do a vigorous, do not know what the situation of a Emerson acquired after the closure of various branches, one is directly closed state.

Guangdong Dongtai Hardware (DTC) main volume, domestic production first, the world is also lined with the upper number, mainly connectors, hinges and rails.

Has been unknown little brother Hummer High (HIGOLD) later live, steady, focus on functional hardware, close to the footsteps of Kester, 16 launched a new product second kill a domestic brand, in the design also does not lose Heidi poetry.