Reveal | Brand Bag Craft HARDWARE accessories, all the things you don't know
- 2019-04-16-

For the brand handbag hardware accessories is the use of the finishing touch. A piece of hardware can affect the temperament of the whole bag.

Therefore, the major brands pay more and more attention to the appearance of hardware and technology. Xiao Knitting give the guys a good demonstration today about how the hardware of the designer bag is made of hardware behind the story

1, hardware raw materials

We use the raw materials are zinc ingot is the above we see the appearance, but the emphasis is on the top of the use of new materials, such as some unscrupulous businesses will use waste or recycled materials, of course, greatly save the cost, but mixed with too many impurities, a long time will be easy to break

2, Brand handbag hardware accessories Manufacturing Mold

Generally speaking, a mold demand takes 7-15 days to spend, compared to our common hook buckle on the need for 2 sets of molds to complete. So the cycle of the expense will be longer before the computer drawing, and then the CNC machine tool carving, there are a variety of machine repeated grinding confirmation to complete

3, die-casting shape

After making the mold, then the need to put the ingredients into the furnace to melt off and then you can see the initial appearance of the hardware, the workers then break down various parts to stop the subsequent polishing

4. Spring Polishing of tapping teeth

The so-called tapping is actually a screw hole, followed by a good metal on the spring is largely molded, and then stop polishing disposal so that it will be particularly bright, the level on the come up

5, electroplating sealing oil more durable

Hardware to the electroplating plant after electroplating will also go through the sealing oil in fact, in order to prevent discoloration, believe that many babies have encountered the condition of hardware fading, it is sealed oil did not do a bit and quality inspection is not qualified

6, Brand handbag hardware Accessories Quality Inspection sub-installation

Put the oil after drying the metal on the white Paper to stop manual quality inspection Such talent is more likely to find defects, the elimination of unqualified products to reach the standard stop split, so you finally see the hardware is, through the manual of a craft hard to get a small piece of hardware behind there are so many unknown stories