Classification of hardware accessories for Guangdong brand luggage
- 2019-04-16-

Guangdong Brand Luggage Hardware AccessoriesSort by definition:

Luggage hardware Accessories According to the specific product categories to have pull rod, small wheel, mushroom nail, hit nail, foot nail, hollow nail, pull head, chicken eye, D buckle, dog buckle, needle pass, belt buckle, chain, coil, lock class, ARM, corner, magnetic knob, all kinds of trademarks and decorative hardware. A variety of hardware by function or shape, such as specific different division.
And a variety of hardware accessories are also a lot of specifications.
Guangdong Brand Luggage Hardware AccessoriesAccording to the material is divided into iron, copper, aluminum, zinc alloy and other die-casting hardware.

Luggage hardware is simply a bag and backpacks, handbags and other uses of a variety of small hardware.Guangdong Brand Luggage Hardware AccessoriesMost are not final consumer goods, only a small number of daily hardware accessories (luggage chain, chain, etc.) can be used as the final decorative consumer goods. Luggage hardware accessories can be roughly sorted according to a bit: material, shape, color, specifications and so on.