Some factors in the development of process hardware accessories industry
- 2019-04-16-

In a specific environment, due to a particular technology or brand ahead of other enterprises in the same industry, will certainly drive the development of the entire enterprise. For example, hardware locks, hardware locks in the hardware market around can be first, there is a brand, no brand, in short, once a hardware lock enterprise has an advanced patented technology, such as the creation of a new product, with this new product on the market and access to good economic benefits, This product is bound to drive the overall development of hardware lock enterprises, and priority to the same industry to produce victory has taken a big step.

Process Hardware Accessories Locking effect

When the user from one brand technology, transfer to another brand of technology, will certainly pay a certain amount of money for this transfer. When the transfer cost is too high, users are deterred, the user is locked in a state. When a high-tech product development victory, won the market, it will be easy to control the market, in the fierce competition to occupy the initiative. This also applies in the hardware market, first stop investment, because the hardware cost is too high, will inevitably be deterred by users, but once this hardware products are recognized, then this hardware products will inevitably lead the industry, promote the development of the industry.

Process Hardware Accessories Matthew Effect

This is a time of winner-eat-all, with the rich enjoying more resources-money, honor and location, while the poor become nothing. The less poor the poor, the richer the rich. People with many friends will make more friends with the help of frequent exchanges, while those who are short of friends are often lonely, and those who are famous will have a show up of time, so they will be well-known.

Gear effect

Large enterprises do not carry out, as soon as the development of small enterprises far behind. Gear effect in the hardware market is also applicable, some large enterprises in the resources, money, contacts, information and other aspects have advantages, once carried out, will take a big step, and small enterprises because of capital, talent, information and other resources limited to carry out a slow comparison, so as to stop. Such large enterprises in the same industry small enterprises, and gradually become the industry leader.

Pooling effect

The more those companies that perform well and have a surplus of money, the more banks want to give it seniority, which is the pooling effect of money. Under the financial crisis, some large hardware enterprises excellent performance, once presented with the capital problem, whether through the bank or other companies will be corresponding to alleviate the current predicament, it is bound to be easier to pool funds; some small hardware enterprises in the event of financial problems is simply impossible. Chinalco invested 19.5 billion dollars in Rio Tinto, and the high record of overseas investment by Chinese companies was again refreshed by Chinalco.

Process Hardware Accessories Range effect

When the enterprise consumption reaches or exceeds the profit and loss equilibrium point, that is, constitutes the scope benefit. As any consumption is cost, ordinary including fixed cost and variable cost. To reach a profit, it is necessary to make the sales revenue greater than the consumption cost, and the fixed cost of this is constant, so the more consumption, the less fixed cost spread to a single product, the more profit.

After the change and opening up, the hardware supply market: Europe and the United States prosperous country because of the rapid development of consumer technology and rising labor prices, the universal products from the development of China's consumption, only the consumption of high value-added products, and China has the market potential of hardware tools, so conducive to the export of hardware tools large countries. China's hardware industry after more than more than 30 years of efforts, has become a well-known hardware power, but, at present, China's hardware enterprises still face from the hardware power to the hardware powerhouse transformation, demand to launch the brand and industrial regionalization of the wings.

Due to the rapid development of hardware accessories consumption technology and the impact of expensive labor prices, prosperous countries have accelerated the transfer of medium and low-grade products to the third world, I only consume some high value-added products.

In recent years, in Europe and the US with the prosperity of the country's construction hardware product design to easy installation and maintenance-oriented, can self-assembly (doityourself) products and tools are greatly affected by the market.

Brand includes a lot of content, including service, reputation and so on. Credibility is gold, integrity business is the basic way. If we consume hardware products, do not paste people's brands, but with their own brand to sell, but also with the label sales price, then our GDP is not known to have quadrupled.

At the same time, bigger and stronger China's hardware industry, the intervention of large consortia is a key element.

How to invent a brand that is commensurate with China's own hardware accessories market is an issue that we urgently need to deal with.