Gift Hardware Accessories Custom Metal Medals Common 10-medium process
- 2019-04-16-

On the marketGift Hardware AccessoriesWith a wide range of processes, Jiatai hardware products factory for you to summarize the common on the marketGift Hardware AccessoriesMedal type hardware accessories are mainly ten varieties:

1. Transfer of medals:

Graphic precast on the transfer paper, easy in the workpiece on the field operation. Transfer printing text is very clear, but correspondingly, the cost of manufacturing is also higher;

2, Screen printing medals:

Including metal screen printing medals, plastic screen printing medals, acrylic screen printing medals and so on. Screen printing medals have a very common compliance, mostly used in plastic panels above, such as speaker panels, chassis panels and other mechanical panels. It has the characteristics of low cost and wide application.

3. Transfer of medals:

Silicone head on the gravure adsorption of graphics and text ink, it will be transferred to the workpiece, more suitable for concave and convex changes in the appearance, such as arc surface, etc.

4, Offsctdruckereien medals:

To round flattening printing, graphics and text from the roller to the plane workpiece, graphics and text precision, commonly used in the table cards and so on;

5. Electric Casting Medals:

With a large current density, the metal is stacked on the "mother type", stacked and then peeled off with the mother type. Ultra-thin self-adhesive electroforming nameplate belongs to this variety type, is a popular species in recent years;

6, Electroplating medals:

The data can be metal and plastic and so on. After etching the text, the accumulation of ionic metals, usually chromium, nickel, gold. Electroplating Medal appearance is very bright, appears very noble, and strong corrosion resistance;

7. Electrophoresis Medals:

In the DC field, the polar lacquer liquid accumulates in the appearance of the exposed metal, often in conjunction with the etching process;

8. High Light medals:

Usually in the aluminum suppression of the raised appearance, to the King Kong Knife spin, resulting in a high gloss effect. Is a comparable to the cost of affordable nameplate manufacturing;

9, PVC Soft Plastic medal:

Polycarbonate (PC or PVC) as the substrate, through the mold hot injection molding, and then stop the subsequent coloring or vacuum plating and other processing, to complete the medal pattern color and its maintenance of a decorative medal. PVC Soft signage has a good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, thus improving the level of products, commonly used in electrical appliances, machinery and other industries, is also a good business gifts;

10, Crystal drip plastic medal:

Gift Hardware AccessoriesThis is a follow-up finishing processing, with transparent good polyurethane drip in the medal workpiece appearance, decorative and protective effect. Drip Plastic medal in the middle of ordinary gently raised, appearance lubrication bright, commonly used in electronics, home appliances, electrical and mechanical products such as the above.