Introduction to the classification buckle of Guangdong brand luggage hardware Accessories
- 2019-04-16-

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Introduction to several buckles in the bag:
1. Hooks (Hook)
There are many varieties of hooks, there are very standard plastic hooks, and there are some bizarre. Generally speaking, no matter what kind of auxiliary parts, the more bizarre the appearance of the less useful, who call the parents are too professional. Here are a few typical introduction. Plastic hooks are rarely used on ** systems, and because things outside the bag can collide easily during the tour, plastic things, no matter how hard the texture, can easily be damaged. Ordinary large hooks are often used in the strap of the waistband or casual schoolbag, and are used in conjunction with the D-rings on both sides of the package. Small hooks are often used in bags, hanging some keys and things like that. The left image of the hook strength, can be rotated, and with the metal spring to say, thus preventing the use of plastic to say easy to break the defect. Common for the connection of the strap of a single shoulder bag to the D-ring. This intensity of the hook is sometimes used on the outside of the hanging negative. Compact hook, commonly used in the bag hanging small bags, keys and other small objects.
2.D rings (D ring)
The D-ring is named for its shape like the letter "D". It is of wide use. Often used on the strap above to fix the water pipe, or hang some small objects (many donkeys on the road is not often stuffed towels into the D-ring, in order to wipe the sweat on the face? )。 There are not many varieties of D-rings. The curvature is very sophisticated, suitable to use the index finger or thumb to hold, so some bags will be the D-ring design in the center of the force. For example, a larger tour bag (travel bag) has a D-ring in front of the right side of the strap, which is designed to be able to hold the force with the right hand when the bag is too heavy. Sometimes the ** system uses a D-ring.
3. Square ring (Square Loop)
Like the D-ring, the square ring is named for its shape. Square rings are often used in the system. For example, the cover of a regular mountaineering bag has four square rings, and the use of these four square rings can hang sleeping bags and things like that. This square ring can be used in conjunction with an elliptical three-button buckle, as well as with a button on the garment. It is easy to attach small bag to your backpack. It can also be used as a square buckle alone. The left image is the square buckle that is often seen. There are sides on both ends, so it is more consolidated.
4. Rope buckle (Cord Lock)
The rope buckle is commonly used in conjunction with a rope and is used to hold over a long rope. For example, large bags of the mouth will generally have rope and rope buckle, rope buckle used to pull the mouth of the bag. In addition, outdoor supplies may often use some small pull-shrinkage bags, bags ordinary with rope buckle. Specification, often used rope buckles. Simple and generous, and applicable. Therefore, it is also on the market impersonating * more rope buckle. Whether it's a professional mountaineering bag or a duvet, it's often used with this buckle. There is a spring inside, which can effectively lock the rope.
5. Zipper Tail Buckle (Zip Clip)
The zipper tail of the ordinary mountaineering bag is not a metal sheet with YKK zipper tail, but a rope through, buttoned with a tail buckle. On the one hand, but in order to pull, rope and tail buckle than with metal pieces to use, especially in the cold weather, lest the hand pinch will stick the hand on the metal sheet, on the other hand, there is no metal collision sound when walking. Others say it's about reducing weight (and maybe it makes sense). After the commonly used zipper tail buckle, beautiful and durable. Replace the metal pull sheet. Tip Here, if you want to see how the backpack works, you can pry the zipper tail open to see if the rope tail can be roasted, a good backpack request the rope head should be roasted on fire, to avoid the rope falling. This kind of tail buckle shape is trendy, has the anti-slip tattoo. Commonly used in zipper tail buckle, rope tail buckle, elastic rope tail buckle and so on.