Guangdong Brand Jewelry Hardware Accessories Industry 5 major business model status quo
- 2019-04-16-

With the growth of China's hardware export volume, China's hardware market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to be in a dominant position in the competition, enterprises have explored different marketing models, coupled with the promotion of the Internet, sales channels become more diversified. Now the gift hardware accessories industry business model is mainly the following:

"1" Traditional foundry: non-durable

Some small and medium-sized gift hardware accessories Enterprises currently do not have their own brand, only in the production phase of OEM. This business model is more dependent on other enterprises or brands, there is little room for development. Perhaps "Back to the tree good cool", but as a business, if not to establish their own brand, only satisfied with the production of OEM, is not a durable solution.

"2" to participate in the exhibition: All-round "three-dimensional advertising"

Because the exhibition has a very good publicity role, so some people call the exhibition "Stereo advertising." Exhibitors for the enterprise is a very good way to promote the brand. At the exhibition, you can display all kinds of products to customers, but also through video, brochures and other means to show the strength of the company, brand concept, etc., the professional quality of exhibitors and mental Outlook can also reflect the strength of the company. But the exhibitor cost is expensive, the exhibition work intensity is big, the professional quality request is high, for the company and the company staff is not a small test.

"3" Store Management: High cost dependence

In recent years, with a certain strength and reputation of hardware accessories enterprises have chosen to enter the stores in large shopping malls. Enterprises choose to open stores in the brand store, on the one hand, want to use the strong appeal of the store to build their own brand influence, on the other hand also take into account the store's environment, marketing and service system, such as easy to operate.

But as store rents get higher and sellers keep opening stores, raw materials and logistics costs are growing. The rising tide brings with it the high cost of the hardware industry channel. In the relationship between hardware and stores, enterprises inevitably have several dependence on the helplessness.

"4" proprietary stores: increased economic and human costs

In recent years, more and more hardware enterprises will focus on the development of independent stores in the operation and management. In fact, the self-store model opportunities and adjustment coexist, the development of self-owned stores like a double-edged sword, the economic and human cost of self-store channels will also become an important factor to test the development of enterprises. In today's society, the human cost of a store is also increasing. Similarly, the support and training of each store is an important input to the cost. The cost of unit quantity becomes higher, the cost of unit sale becomes higher, seems to become the channel vicious circle.

"5" e-commerce channels: mixed innovation and breakthrough

In the treatment of emerging e-commerce channels, there are currently two views in the industry: some people think that the performance of e-commerce is relatively poor, materials, details, installation effects and so on can not be intuitively displayed to consumers. And some people think that e-commerce must be the future of the new business model. Channel chain, like water flow, flows from dealers to terminals, and ultimately to consumers. Grasping the current consumer's e-commerce consumption habits, will always be in line with the future direction of development.

Many hardware accessories enterprises began to try water and electricity merchants channels, but at present no one has found a suitable for the development of methods and models. In the future, hardware enterprises will have to explore a number of models, including the way of expression. Strive to break through the limited points of the display, so that the expression of e-commerce system to achieve a certain breakthrough.

The diversification of marketing mode has further promoted the benign development of competition. The increasing channel cost and homogenization of products, weakening the competitiveness of hardware enterprises in the end market, therefore, the importance of channel construction is becoming increasingly apparent, providing a variety of types of channel experience or can become a new direction for hardware accessories Enterprise Upgrade transformation.

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