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Process hardware processing plant of some process hardware accessories process
- 2019-04-15-

Process hardware accessories processing can also be called metal processing. Automobile milling and boring, etc., modern processing has increased discharge processing and so on. In addition, die-casting, forging and so on is also commonly used processing means. If the simple involved in sheet metal, then commonly used is milling, grinding, wire cutting (such as discharge) and heat treatment.
Process hardware accessories processing can be divided into: automatic lathe processing, CNC processing, CNC lathe processing, five-axis lathe processing, according to the general can be divided into: metal surface processing, metal molding processing two categories.
One or five gold surface processing subdivision can be divided into: Metal painting processing, electroplating, surface polishing processing, metal corrosion processing and so on.
1, painting processing: At present, the hardware factory in the production of large pieces of metal products are used spray paint processing, through painting processing so that hardware parts to avoid rust, such as: daily necessities, electrical shell, handicrafts and so on.
2, Electroplating: Electroplating is also the most common processing technology of metal processing, through modern technology to the metal surface plating, to ensure that the product is used for a long time do not occur mildew embroidery, electroplating processing is common: screws, stamping parts, batteries, car parts, trinkets and so on.
3, Surface polishing processing: surface polishing processing is generally relatively long in daily necessities, through the metal products surface burr treatment, the sharp part of the corner thrown into a smooth face, so that in the use of the process will not cause harm to the human body.
Second, metal molding processing mainly includes: Die-casting (die-casting and cold pressure and hot pressing), stamping, sand, dissolved mold casting and other processes.

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