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How much does it cost to open a gift hardware accessory chain franchise? What are the types of hardware?
- 2019-04-16-

Hardware chain has a lot of home, and the chain of supermarkets in the hardware are very cheap, specifically also depends on the level of consumption around. Many people want to enter the hardware industry, want to do to join the words, we need to understand about how much money to open the hardware chain to join, and what kind of hardware, these understand after the relevant reference, so that there is a specific process, the following to see how much the hardware chain to join the problem.

How much does it cost to open a hardware chain to join?

First, pay to the headquarters of the cost: one of the main is to join the gold 19800 yuan, there is a margin of 10,000 yuan, the rest of the expenses, including management fees, delivery fees, training fees, advertising promotion fees, etc., are not charged, it can be seen that the support provided by the Headquarters and preferential policies are still very good.

Second, the basic cost of opening the shop: This part of the cost of the proportion is very large, refers to the store has not yet opened before the cost of preparation, including many aspects, but because of the franchise level and size of different size, the specific expenditure details are not the same. To the ground-level city 200 square meters franchise shop as an example, each square meter decoration cost is 400 yuan, there are equipment costs 20,000, the first purchase price is 150,000, the opening cost is 20,000.

Third, the store operating costs: When the store is operating, there are more places to spend money, the same as the level city 200 square meters franchise shop for example, the monthly rent is 2. 40,000, the staff salary of 2000 yuan per month, a total of 6 employees, liquidity 50,000.

What are the types of hardware?

First, furniture hardware accessories wood screws, hinge, handle, slide, partition pin, hanging parts, nails, head machine, tooth rubbing machine, multi-station machine, metal foot, hardware rack, metal handle, turntable, turntable, zipper, pneumatic rod, spring, furniture machinery and so on.

Second, Cabinet hardware accessories hinge, drawers, rails, steel pumping, drawing baskets, hangers, sinks, pull baskets, lights, kicking feet, knife and fork plate, hanging cabinet pendant, multi-function column, cabinet combination and so on.

Third, mold hardware accessories punching needle, punch, guide column, guide sleeve, thimble, barrel, steel bead sleeve, ball sleeve, cage, external Guide column, independent guide column, self-lubricating plate, self-lubricating guide sleeve, no oil guide sleeve, no oil skateboard, external guide column components and so on.

Four, marine hardware accessories unbuckle, Flower orchid, Chuck, rotary ring, hoop, pulley, cable bolt, pipe seat, guide cable, tethered column and so on.

FiveGuangdong Brand Apparel Hardware AccessoriesButtons, wire buckle, 勾扣, claw nails, rope buckle, needle buckle, military buckle, zipper head, five-claw knob, fashion button, Shing, Japanese buckle, drip buckle, stone buckle, pull lock head, belt buckle, hollow nail, Alloy buckle, alloy pull, sign and so on.

Six, Guangdong brand luggage hardware accessories rivets, aluminum strips, chains, steel rings, buttons, square ring, four-buckle, mushroom nails, hollow nails, wire rings, backpack racks, triangular rings, pentagonal rings, three rivets, luggage hand, dog buckle, pull cards, signs and so on.

Seven, belt hardware accessories belt buckle, belt needle buckle, alloy belt buckle, belt buckle and so on.

Eight, doors and windows hardware with handles, hands, hinge, plug, handle, hinge, wind support, pulley, Menghua, laryngeal hoop, lock box, touch beads, Crescent Lock, Multi-point lock, clutch, pull device, door shutters, glass glue, Samsung Lock and so on.

Nine, photo frame hardware accessories hook, shrapnel, blades, painting, foot support, bracket, press, loose-leaf, wrapping angle, straight nail, corner flower, corner machine, code nail, corner nail, flannel and so on.

10 or five stamping pressure accessories flat pad, round sheet, spring, shrapnel, face cover, shell, signage, nameplate, marking, wire, fork, terminal, stamping parts, pull arm, T-plate and so on.

XI. curtain Wall Hardware accessories hanging clips, rigging, AB glue, barge claws, curtain wall claws, glass claws, barge joints, glass clips, glass glue, cloud stone glue, foam strips, reinforcement glue, connectors, dry pendants, railing handrails, chemical bolts, glass curtain walls, non-standard products and so on.

12, Gift hardware accessories trinkets, mobile phone jewelry, cartoon characters, wearing jewelry, 12 constellations, 12 Zodiac, pendant, Alphabet, Alphabet, KT Cat, Disney, mascot, other jewelry and so on.

13, Decorative hardware accessories seals, cabinet legs, Mensing, wind pipe, metal hoist, plug, curtain rod, hook, hanger, iron pipe, stainless steel pipe, plastic expansion pipe, pull rivets, cement nails, advertising nails, mirror nails, bolts, screws, glass bracket, glass clamp, tape, aluminum alloy ladder, product bracket and so on.

How much does it cost to open a hardware chain to join, the above content introduces the fees that need to be paid, such as different brands different regional franchise fees are different, and after joining the preferential policies are also different, it is necessary to see if you have the foundation and cost. What kind of hardware, a lot of commonly used in the day above the introduction of some overview, you can use these content for hardware to have a better understanding.