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What alloy sign customization, alloy sign customization features
- 2019-04-16-

Among the metal signage products, the proportion of aluminum signs is about 90% of the metal signs. For more than half a century, the signs have been made with aluminum plates, which are enduring for a long time. The main reason is that the alloy signs are custom-made in Guangdong. Decorative expression, many exterior decoration techniques can be applied and played on aluminum, making it easy to obtain a colorful, multi-layered high-grade decorative layer. On the other hand, it is due to a series of excellent properties of aluminum.

The aluminum alloy signage site temperature is preferably 23-25 °C. If the working environment is too humid, the appearance of the glue will be oxidized into a mist or bubbles. If the temperature is too low or too high, it will affect the curing and application time of the glue. 8. The work of dripping glue should be dried in the concentrated area. The temperature should be controlled at 28 °C -40 °C.9, if the delivery period is flustered, can It is heated and solidified, but it must be dried in the concentrated area to be dried for more than 90 minutes. The heating temperature should be controlled within 65 °C. The detailed boring time should be determined according to the glue itself. Jieshun Technology Corporation 8113AB And 7000AB can be fully cured in 4 hours at 65 ° C. (If it is not in a hurry, please try to use 28-35 ° C ambient curing, the time should be about 20 hours, so that the limit can guarantee the quality of the glue) 10, After the plastic bucket is opened and the glue is poured out, it needs to be covered immediately. Today we will teach you DIY Epoxy Ring.

Guangdong alloy sign custom design and manufacture of various aluminum alloy signs, the sign factory is convinced that trust comes from pragmatism. As long as you are thinking of the customer from the perspective of the customer, you can truly win the market. We have always been ethical, and have established a candid relationship with our customers with integrity and win from time to time in the competition.

As for the aluminum alloy signing and rubber-binding personnel, the glue-operating personnel will strictly follow the operation of the rubber-filled operation book. The glue-dropping personnel will drop the crystal glue of the bubble and drop it onto the pattern, and drop a plate to cover a board to prevent dust and debris from falling on the outside. After the 3~4 plates are finished, check the first plate, whether it is necessary to increase or decrease the amount of glue, and trim it with silicone oil base paper, so that the crystal glue flows to the edge of the pattern. The trimming should not damage the printed appearance, and the thickness of the glue is generally controlled. At (2 ± 0.2) mm.

The imported plastic drop molding operation is as follows.

1. Process: Feeding-vacuum-cleaning machine-discharging-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2. Strictly set the artistic conditions before the drop molding, the error is not more than 2%.

3, the distance of the glue can not exceed the alarm time, such as the arrival of the alarm time, should pay attention to drop plastic.

4, the amount of glue should not show a large shake, the thickness is controlled at (2 ± 0.2) mm. 5. When trimming after dispensing, do not damage the appearance of the printed matter to cause it to drop ink or present bubbles.

Guangdong alloy sign customization features:

1. The density of light aluminum is 2.702g NaN3, which is only 1/3 of that of copper and aluminum. Aluminum signage does not increase the weight of the equipment, and it also saves costs.

2. Processing is easy. Aluminum has excellent ductility, is easy to cut, and is easy to stamp and form, and can meet the needs of special process of signage.

3. Good corrosion resistance The surface of aluminum and its alloys can form a hard and dense oxide film.

4. A weather-resistant aluminum oxide film layer, many substances do not cause corrosion to it, and it has excellent durability in harsh environments in industrial areas and coastal areas.

5. No magnetic aluminum is non-magnetic, and the aluminum sign will not cause external interference to the equipment.

Like the aluminum alloy sign, it is easy to misidentify the object. For black and white or light and dark lines on the scene, the spacing between the marks is represented by the level of the outline. In the case of a large number of objects, firstly, two or three objects that are easy to identify are used to observe the position of the ship, and the position of the object identified by the demand is measured. After the position of the ship is determined according to the approved object on the chart, the actual mark of the other object is measured. The object indicated by the line is the object identified by the demand, and the title can be read from the chart. A and B are the approved objects, and C is the object to be identified. In the flight, while observing A and B to stop the positioning of the two-standard force position, the orientation of the C-mark is observed. After drawing the position on the chart, you can find the position of the C mark in the drop chart by following the line of the C mark. The creation of the logo of victory depends on effective visual communication. Understanding how consumers are linked to the identity episode is the key to helping your customers turn the door to more benefits. The logo has many functions, but the POP presentation system is designed to promote a product at a certain location. The aluminum alloy sign silk screen printing plate has a paint film carving method, a photosensitive plate making method and a carbon paper printing method. Among them, the paint film carving method and the quality printing method are simpler manual plate making methods, which can print ordinary and less elaborate single cases and texts. The printing plate used for silk screen printing has higher precision requirements. Generally, it adopts advanced direct, indirect and straight three photosensitive plate making methods. Engraved signage refers to a wrist with a slewing or vertical saw that draws text or patterns from a rubber or copper plate or other plate. The main information is aluminum plate, S plate, rubber plate, pure copper, acrylic plate or acrylic, which acrylic material can better show the flatness of small text, often used in the manufacture of mini letters. Acrylic materials are also often used in Dongming signage manufacturing. Etching is one of the main methods of manufacturing stainless steel signs, usually referred to as photochemical etching. It means that after the plate making and development, the maintenance film of the area to be etched is removed, and the chemical solution is contacted during etching.