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Knowledge of gift hardware accessories How much do you know? To give you a universal
- 2019-04-15-

Gift Hardware AccessoriesIn recent years in China's manufacturing industry in the rise of industries, hardware accessories are becoming more indispensable, with the progress of life and death level in China, people pay more and more attention to the aesthetic sense of metal products. At the same time, the European and American markets already have a tradition of hardware decoration, so the industry is becoming more and more vigorous momentum.

Hardware jewelry Wangwenshengyi, is made from metal raw materials jewelry, he presented in every corner of life. Up to the building down to the key buckle, just pay attention to aesthetics and decoration, that will show the use of hardware jewelry.

Detailed to divide, according to its nature to divide us can be divided into, metal jewelry, plastic jewelry and so on. According to its size, can be divided into home accessories, mechanical accessories as well as exquisite jewelry and gift jewelry. At present, most of the hardware jewelry we refer to refers to gift jewelry.

Guangdong Brand Jewelry hardware accessories are mainly trinkets, mobile phone jewelry, cartoon characters, wearing jewelry, 12 constellations, 12 Zodiac, pendant, Alphabet, Alphabet, KT Cat, Disney, ominous objects, other jewelry and other categories.

Jewelry source, at the beginning because of the shade, with the level of life and death and people's inventive power from beginning to finish, the start toward the modification of local transformation, in the street many jewelry boutiques are also more and more attention to the jewelry market, in the home decoration, birthday gifts, friends gathering, send men and women friends and so on are inseparable from jewelry. Decorative industry consumption trend: Decorative industry is from jewelry, craft etiquette industry to leave out, a comprehensive composition of a new industries. Jewelry as a growth point of the new economy, the prosperous country has gradually matured. A variety of levels of stores, sales points lined up, a variety of styles, a variety of levels of products abundant to meet the growing market demand. And in mainland China, the industry is still in its early stages. With the rapid development of social economy and culture, people from the food and clothing type into a well-off type, advocating human nature and fashion, from the time to shape personality and charm, has become the pursuit of people.


Modern jewelry is rich and colorful, beautiful. There are many specifications for jewelry classification, but the main is not only according to the data, craft wrist, use, decorative parts and so on to divide. To put it in detail:

A Classification by data

(I) Metals

1. Precious metals:

A, Gold: Foot Gold (24K), 22K, 18K, 14K, 10K, 9K, 8K;

Sterling silver jewelry inlaid with natural white crystal

Sterling silver jewelry inlaid with natural white crystal

B, Platinum: PT999, PT990, PT950, PT900, PT850, PT750;

C, Silver: Sterling silver, tattoos (925).

2. Common Metals:

D, iron (mostly stainless steel);

E, nickel alloy;

F, common metal copper and its alloys;

G, aluminum magnesium alloy, tin alloy.

(Ii) Non-metallic categories:

1. Leather, ropes, silk silk;

2. Plastics, rubber;

3. Non-metallic, animal bones (ivory, horns, bones, etc.), shells;

4. Wood (incense, rosewood, jujube, Gamma nan mu, etc.), plant nuclei (mountain nuclei, peach nuclei, coconut shells, etc.);

5. Jade and a variety of colored stones:

A, high-grade precious jade Category: such as diamonds, jadeite, Red Sapphire, emerald, cat's eye, pearls and so on;

B, mid-range Treasure Jade Category: Aquamarine, tourmaline, Dan Quan Stone, natural zircon, spinel, etc.

C, low-grade treasure Jade Category: Garnet, topaz, crystal, peridot, lapis, turquoise and so on.

6. Glass, ceramics: such as cloisonne, glass and so on.

Ii Different categories by wearing parts

(I) Jewelry

1. Coronet. Mainly refers to the use of hair around and ear, nose and other parts of the decoration.

Details are divided into:

Butterfly Knot Headwear

Butterfly Knot Headwear

A, Sun caps, sunglasses, cartoon masks, hair ornaments, hair accessories including hairpin, head flower, hair comb, hair crown, hair hairpin, hair cover, hair bundle, etc.

B, earrings, including earrings, earrings, earrings, earmuffs and so on;

C, nasal ornaments, mostly nasal rings.

2. Chest trim. Mainly used in the neck, chest back, shoulders and other places of decoration.

Details are divided into:

A Neck ornaments, including a variety of necklaces, collars, silk scarves, scarves, long sweater chain, etc.

B Chest ornaments, including brooch, brooch, badge, etc.;

C Waist decoration, such as waist chain, belt, waist towel, etc.

D Shoulder ornaments, mostly shawls and other decorations.

3. Hand ornaments. It is mainly used for decorations on fingers, tricks, and arms.

Including bracelets, bracelets, arm rings, rings, rings and so on, sometimes we also regard watches as a kind of hand ornaments.

4. Foot ornaments. It is mainly used in the decoration of ankles, thighs and calves.

Common is the foot chain, the bracelet, in a broad sense can also include a variety of decorative stockings, socks, shoes.

Premium brooch boosts temperament

Premium brooch boosts temperament

5. Pendant. Mainly used in clothing, or carry-on decorations.

Such as buttons, key buckles, mobile phone chains, mobile phone pendants, accessories and so on.

(Ii) Other categories

There are mainly decorative categories (cosmetic products, tattoo stickers, wigs, etc.), dolls, wallets, utensils (jewelry boxes, sunglasses, watches, etc.), footwear, small pieces of home decorations and so on.

Three Sort by craft wrist

Can be divided into mosaic class and non-mosaic class two categories.

Four Sort by usefulness

(I) Popular jewelry

1. Popular popularity: The pursuit of jewelry commodity, mostly high-volume mechanized consumption, volume sales;

2. Personality prevails: the pursuit of jewelry artistry, personalization, only a small amount of consumption, mostly handmade, limited sales, often only one piece of consumption.

(Ii) Art Accessories

Pure Natural Garnet Crystal bracelet

Pure Natural Garnet Crystal bracelet

1. Treasures: exaggerated, not easy to wear, for collection;

2. Decoration: For the display of furnishings;

3. Wear: Art outside jewelry that tends to be applied.

Five Jewelry can also be identified from the title of jewelry

Such as pendant, needles, rings, rings, bells, beads, cards, flowers, combs, clips, locks, chains, belts, rings, Perry, crowns and so on.


Diamonds and Gems: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, semi-precious stones, artificial gems, crystals, tourmaline;

Jewelry: Platinum jewelry, gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, silver, K gold, palladium jewelry, diamond jewelry, gemstone jewelry, mosaic jewelry, simulation jewelry, gold-plated jewelry, pearl jewelry, jade jade jewelry, etc.

Pearls and corals: Chinese freshwater pearls, Chinese seawater pearls, Japanese pearls, Nanyang Pearls, Tahiti Pearls, Ma Baizu, cultured pearls, artificial pearls, red corals, coral treasures, coral accessories;

Jade: Emerald, Hetian Jade, Shoushan stone, chicken bloodstone, green Qingtian, Bahrain Stone, Xiuyan Jade, Huanglong Jade

Watches and Accessories: Brand watches and clocks, watches and clocks, jewelry watches, hardware accessories, accessories, stainless steel jewelry, etc.

Guangdong Brand Jewelry Hardware Accessories A wide variety, countless, today's small series is just a list of the approximate classification, hope to let everyone grow learning, hardware jewelry accessories have a certain understanding.