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What are the process hardware accessories? Application of hardware accessories in life
- 2019-04-16-

In the decoration of the house, but also need to buy some hardware accessories, and what is hardware accessories? Many people will also be particularly curious about the content of hardware accessories, in the purchase of hardware accessories, but also worried that they bought wrong and affect the daily, want to know what hardware tools accessories? Then make a purchase to avoid errors.

First, what is hardware accessories

Hardware accessories refers to the use of hardware to make machine parts or components and some hardware products alone use to do assistance utensils examples of hardware tools, hardware parts, general hardware, construction hardware and security supplies and other hardware products are end consumer goods for industrial manufacturing supporting products, half products and labor used tools, and so on, at present in the interior decoration is also commonly used in hardware accessories.

Second, hardware tool accessories have what

1, Furniture hardware accessories

Wooden screws, hinges, diaphragm pins, handles, slides, hanging parts, nails, zippers, headers, tooth rubbing machines, hardware feet, springs, hardware racks, metal handles, multi-station machines, turntables, pneumatic poles, furniture machinery and so on.

2, Cabinet hardware Accessories

Hinge, guide Rail, drawer, steel pumping, function column, pull basket, hanger, sink, spotlight, kick pad, knife and fork plate, pull basket, hanging cabinet pendant, multi-cabinet combination and so on.

3, Mold Hardware Accessories

Punching needle, guide column, Steel bead sleeve, guide sleeve, thimble, barrel, ball sleeve, punch, Cage, outer Guide column, no oil skateboard, self-lubricating plate, self-lubricating guide sleeve, no oil guide sleeve, independent guide column, external Guide column assembly, etc.

4, Marine hardware accessories

Flower Orchid, Unbuckle, Chuck, rotary ring, pulley, cable bolt, hoop, guide cable, Pipe seat, line column, etc.

5, Guangdong brand Apparel hardware Accessories

Buttons, wire buckle, claw nail, rope buckle, alloy to buckle, needle buckle, 勾扣, military buckle, zipper head, Fashion knob, Shing, five-claw knob, daily buckle, stone buckle, pull lock head, drip buckle, belt buckle, hollow nail, alloy pull, sign and so on.

6, Guangdong brand luggage hardware Accessories

Rivets, chains, steel rings, buttons, square ring, aluminum strips, mushroom nails, hollow nails, wire rings, backpack racks, dog buckles, triangular rings, three rivets, pentagonal rings, pull cards, luggage hand handles, four-buckles, signage and so on.

7, Belt hardware accessories

Belt needle buckle, belt buckle, Alloy belt buckle, belt buckle and so on.

8, door and window hardware matching

Handles, hinges, pins, handles, shutters, wind braces, pulleys, Menghua, laryngeal hoop, touch beads, hinges, crescent locks, multi-point locks, lock boxes, actuators, pull-ups, hands, glass glue, Samsung locks, etc.

9, photo Frame hardware Accessories

Blades, hooks, shrapnel, painting bracket, bracket, press, loose-leaf, foot support, wrapping angle, corner machine, nail, straight nail, corner flower, corner nail, velvet cloth and so on.

10, Metal stamping Accessories

Shell, flat pad, spring, shrapnel, wafer, face cover, signage, nameplate, wire, terminals, marking, stamping parts, fork, pull arm, T-plate and so on.

11, curtain wall hardware Accessories

Rigging, hanging clip, AB glue, barge claw, barge joint, glass clip, glass glue, railing handrail, cloud stone glue, curtain wall claw, foam strip, transfer parts, dry pendant, reinforced glue, chemical bolts, glass claws, glass curtain wall, non-standard products and so on.

12, Guangdong brand Jewelry hardware Accessories

Mobile phone jewelry, trinkets, cartoon characters, wearing jewelry, 12 zodiac, Alphabet, 12 constellations, letters, pendants, Disney, KT Cats, mascots, other jewelry and so on.

13, Decorative hardware Accessories

Hangers, seals, Mensing, advertising nails, duct, metal hoist, cabinet legs, plugging head, curtain rod, hook, iron pipe, stainless steel pipe, screws, pulling rivets, cement nails, mirror nails, bolts, glass bracket, glass clamp, tape, plastic expansion pipe, aluminum alloy ladder, product bracket and so on.

What is a hardware accessory? It is recommended that when you buy hardware accessories, you can well figure out what it really is, so as to ensure that you can buy hardware accessories suitable for use. Hardware tool Accessories What? When buying hardware accessories can be combined with their own needs to buy, the specific purchase of what can be more consultation under the decoration master.