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Rise knowledge, bag on the popular craft hardware accessories color, you know several?
- 2019-04-16-

Process hardware accessories are very important for bags. Although not every bag will use hardware, but the use of hardware bags often hardware will become a bag of gold pen. However, when we focus on fashion, we tend to focus most of the trend of bag trends on leather, leather texture, color and so on; in fact, as a bag accessories hardware color popularity, is also very critical. But when it comes to hardware color, I believe that most people, whether consumers or some people who do the bag, will feel a little caught blind.

In fact, many people even in the bag industry, it is difficult to understand the color of hardware, because a little change in color will become another color. For example, cracking color and chrome color, do you know how to distinguish?

Guangdong Brand Apparel Hardware Accessories

We are roughly divided into four main colors: gold, silver (cracking), black (grams or gun color), special colors. Gold can be divided into: straight gold, shallow gold, imitation gold, gold sweeping, gilt and so on; Silver has cracking color, chrome color, white steel color, sweep cracking color, ancient silver and so on; Black: Split gun color, electrophoresis gun, mute gun color and so on. And special color is we are relatively rare or use a relatively small number of colors, such as Rose gold, coffee gold, pearl cracking and so on.

These two years fashion circle popular retro wind also extended to the bag hardware, hardware is either the shape of retro rigid, or in the color of the old effect, appears to have a very low-key sense of the times. But how do we correctly identify these hardware colors and what do we call them?

Guangdong brand Luggage Hardware accessories in the recent bag on the popular hardware color

How many do you know?

First, gold (straight gold)

Because gold has been a symbol of aristocratic identity from ancient times to the present, luxurious and noble, enduring; the embellishment on the bag is a little golden, that noble feeling has! Although some people now despise the tuhao way of life, but also can not shake the golden position. So gold is still the most common color in bags.

Givenchy This bag of five plated, the shape of retro, with the G word symmetrical. Gold looks generous and expensive.

Miumiu the letter of this bag is screwed and also presented in gold. With pink plain leather as the background set off the bag of exquisite, sweet.

Of particular note is the letter-styling of the five plated is the two quarters of the epidemic point, almost all the big names have been used.

Second, OEB color (bronze)

Gucci has become a benchmark in the fashion world for the last two years. Designers like to look for inspiration in the bizarre story, the secretive retro style has become the brand's new cognition, all kinds of strange elements such as butterflies, tigers, ling snakes and so on become the brand's regulars. All items include clothing and bag accessories, each of which is a goal that people scramble to have.

This bag of double G logo hardware, in the light and shadow appears quaint low-key.

Third, rolling light lat (ancient silver)

Saint Laurent's bag, the style has been more rigid than the mind. Bag contour straight, clean and tidy. The side of a woman's independent personality is reflected from the bone. So the color of the hardware also uses a relatively low-key color. Such as the following ancient silver, the professional point is to roll shallow lat.

Rolling Asakusa lat This kind of old color, really like the freshly oxidized silverware. The hue is really low-key, but the texture is very advanced. After all, the silverware of such utensils, in ancient times is also aristocratic to use.

Four, pearl gun with rolling green ancient

Bottega Veneta weaving Bag is the characteristics of the brand, bags will usually do some of the hardware related to weaving, we can see that the hardware also has woven texture, including the basic square buckle, D buckle, as well as the classic hand grab bag Knot, like a metal hit a knot.

This bag of locks, the same weaving texture, through the rolling Gutzing plating process will be the metal effect to create like the newly unearthed bronze ware. The average young man can't control this more antique style. Five, lat color

The use of lat in bags 7, 8 years ago is relatively common. Because the colors are colder and more low-key than gold, they are used more in everyday bags, young bags, and men's handbag bags.

Jimmy Choo's bag, with silver leather with silver (LAT) hardware, while the simple silhouette and founder's hardware styling match, complement each other.

Six, black gun color

The previous mention of Saint Laurent's bag, style reflects the independent personality of women, hardware also uses a relatively low-key color. This all-black bag paired with all-black hardware (electrophoresis gun), can hardly keep a low profile! Low profile is also personality.

Electrophoresis gun, is the black hardware in the darkest one, but there is a certain luster. So it looks cool and cool to feel.

Hardware want to keep a low profile, in addition to the color has become more dim, there is another practice is the following practice of skin wrapping.

The same is the YSL, the feeling is not very different? Don't underestimate this little YSL, it looks like three letters, but there are 8 parts on the surface of the light. You can take a magnifying glass and study it yourself! ~

Vii. Pearl Gold

The Chloé (Coy) Nile meniscus bag is a fashion product that the fashion world is scrambling to own. And this bag can become the focus of fashion, in addition to this lovely half-moon bag type, the key is still a more prominent handle hardware.

This hardware can do both functional brand handbag hardware accessories can do decoration, and although the hardware is gold, but the luster is softer, so although the bag on the hardware more, but also will not appear dazzling and flash to the eyes of the audience. In short, I feel more comfortable looking at it.

The above describes some of the more popular hardware colors recently, which of them do you like?