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What hardware is hardware? What is the process hardware accessory?
- 2019-04-16-

Modern life is probably inseparable from the hardware products, such as our daily life doors and windows, mobile phone accessories, furniture appliances, cars, computers and so on, need to use small hardware parts, Jiatai Small series today is mainly to introduce the small knowledge of craft hardware accessories.

What hardware is hardware?

Hardware: Formerly refers to gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, five kinds of metal. Now refers to gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, etc., generally referred to as metal. In the past, hardware was used to make metal items such as knives, pieces, and works of art, but now the scope of manufacture is much broader, the following will be a detailed introduction.

What is the process hardware accessory?

Hardware accessories means to use hardware made of some machine parts, components in combination with small hardware products. Hardware Accessories A wide range of uses, can be used alone, can also be used as a collaborative appliance. For example, hardware tools, hardware parts, daily hardware and so on. But most of the hardware products are not final consumer goods, but are used as supporting products for industrial manufacturing, semi-products and tools used in the production process, which is the use of hardware as a collaborative tool. Another small part of the hardware accessories, usually daily hardware accessories are People's life must be the tools of consumer goods, which is the individual use of hardware parts.

The use of small hardware parts is very, very extensive, the following Jiatai small series to introduce some of the process hardware accessories we often see or use.

1, Furniture hardware small parts: hinge, handle, nail, hardware rack, metal handle, turntable, zipper, pneumatic rod, spring, furniture machinery, guide rail, Steel pumping, spotlight, knife and fork plate, hanging cabinet pendant, plug, clutch, crescent lock and so on.

2, mold hardware small parts: Punching needle, punch, guide sleeve, thimble, barrel, steel bead sleeve, ball sleeve, cage, external Guide column, independent guide column, external guide column components and so on.

3, Process hardware accessories and stamping parts: trinkets, mobile phone jewelry, pendants, alphabet, flat pad, wafer, spring, face cover, shell, signage, nameplate, marking and so on.

4, the category of hardware small parts: Buttons, claw nails, needle buckle, zipper head, fashion knob, pull lock head, belt buckle, hollow nail, signs, rivets, aluminum strips, chains, steel rings, buttons, triangular rings, pentagonal rings, luggage hands and so on.