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Hardware signage design customization of some categories, how much do you know
- 2019-04-16-

Hardware Signage Design CustomizationMainly copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, lead tin alloy and other raw data for the root, after stamping, die-casting, etching, printing, enamel, imitation enamel, paint and other processes, manufacturing into nameplates, badges, badges, medals, key buckles, hat emblem, hat clips, money clips, souvenir chapters, souvenir coins, craft signs, cufflinks, photo frames, mobile phone pendants, tie clips, Belt Head, tag, bottle opener and other craft jewelry, as well as all kinds of metal signs, metal nameplates and other different categories of various metal signage products.

Custom morphological classification of hardware signage design

1, Horizontal signage: The entire proportion of horizontal comparison long. Ordinary whole faces are used as advertising signs. It is common to be seen on the walls of small shops and large buildings.

2, Vertical signage: The entire proportion of vertical comparison long. Ordinary whole faces are used as advertising signs.

3, the shape of the sign: prominent on the wall of the building, in addition to the opposite side of the whole or there are sides of the wall under the condition of both sides are used as advertising carrier signs.

4. Cylindrical signage: Transverse, vertical, planar signage marked on certain fixed structures in the air

Of the signage.

5, Roof type signage: Refers to the roof of a building to set up a number of fixed structures, and on the top hanging or affixed to the shape of a square or phantom sign.

Hardware signage design Custom material classification

1, Lubrication signs: screen or plate surface has oily, very lubrication of the sign.

2, Nightlight information signs: With luminous data card (that is, we usually say the neon lights).

3, Acrylic signage (acrylic): With acrylic data to do the main data of the board of the signage.

4, Metal signage: In the absence of a special designation of the plate surface, the use of metal as a sign of the board or text of the main data of the signage.

5. Light PLATE: A sign that completes monochrome or colored performance with a luminescent diode or luminous tube. With luminous diodes and expression, can be divided into night photovoltaic panels, LCD, LED, CRT, FDT and other five varieties.

Use of the classification of items

1, the time is different:

A, Lighting signs: In order to use day and night, in the signage of the internal installation of luminous tubes or in the internal installation of the light meter or in the signage of the external device lighting and so on signs.

B, no lighting signs: There is no day and night division although the use of separate purposes, there is no lighting signs.

2, the location is different:

A, Indoor signage: Located in the indoor signs, such as directional arrow signs, indoor reception signs and so on.

B, Outdoor signage: Located in the non-indoor all space signage.

3, the purpose is different:

A, Commercial signage: ordinary refers to the signage set up for the purpose of reaching commercial purposes.

B, Public signs: Located in a public place, for the public to announce the message or used to release certain information signs.

4, the use of different:

A, medals: honor signs collectively. Such as "advanced collectives, authorized cards" and so on.

B, navigation Card: used to identify the direction, pay attention to the matter, prompt class of signs, such as "road signs" and so on.

C, Mechanical nameplate: used to identify or clarify the properties of mechanical products signs.

5. The difference between energy saving and environmental protection

A, fluorescent signs, also known as light storage signs spontaneous cursor card, with absorption light source, storage light source, free of 10-12 hours of light at night.

B, electric signage, lamp body, can only use electricity or battery to maintain brightness, light source brightness is very poor, not energy saving, easy to damage.