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About hardware signage customization requirements, so that you choose to rest assured!
- 2019-04-15-

Hardware signage CustomizationThe role is: fastening, cohesion, opening and closing, etc., it is related to the use of furniture durability, smoothness and sensitivity. Today Lin Jie Custom Furniture Small series to improve the commonly used custom furniture hardware, so that everyone in the choice of time, you can choose to durable and easy to use hardware, enhance the application experience.

1, one of the commonly used hardware: door hinge. The role of the door hinge is to connect the wardrobe cabinets and door panels, in addition, in the use of the time, play the role of opening and closing. How do we distinguish between good door hinges:

① look at the material, door hinge in the manufacture of the time, the use of more materials are iron, steel, and other alloys, and so on, we laymen, the way to distinguish is to use the hand to perceive the weight, compared to heavy use of the data are comparable to the foot.

② look at the electroplating process, good door hinge appearance are compared to smooth and glossy.

③ look at the design, good door hinge in the design of the time, flow linearity and Zhang Chi are designed to compare reasonable.

④ look at the cushioning effect, at present, the door hinge basically uses damping, it is easy to distinguish the effect of buffering.

⑤ look at the brand, foreign brands, such as Germany Hettich, Blum, domestic Aughis and DTC Dongtai, etc., are comparable to good, these brands and Lin Jie custom furniture also have collaboration.

2, one of the commonly used hardware: drawer track. The role of wardrobe drawers is to classify and storeCraft Hardware AccessoriesSmall items. While the drawer is propelled and pulled out, the demand track is required.

① look at the material, good drawer track material texture will I inform you, but also can be measured by hand.

② look at the design and sliding mode, good tracks are three rails and sliding with steel beads.

③ look at the brand, Blum's Todi draw track and Heidi Poetry of the three tracks, are comparable to good.

3, one of the commonly used hardware: door plate handle. The main function of the handle is to open and close the door panel, followed by aesthetics.

① look at the material, the current on the market handle, are zinc alloy, iron, copper and so on.

② look at the appearance of disposal, good handle disposal compared to mellow.

③ measures weight, with the material foot naturally has weight.

④ look at the design and detail disposal, details see quality.

Gift Hardware AccessoriesLook at the aesthetics, a good handle will fall in love at first sight.

Above we mainly talk about wardrobes, shoe cabinets, wine cabinets, bookcases and other commonly used hardware, generally speaking, through the material, weight, texture and design, as well as the brand can be distinguished. But custom furniture hardware also includes fasteners: such as three in one, self-tapping nail, corner code, hanger rod, drawer lock, function hardware and other small products, we choose the time, but also according to the choice of door hinge, drawer track, and handle the way. However, these samples of products, stores do not, perhaps most brands will not give users so meticulous, then how to choose? That depends on whether the brand can pay attention to word of mouth, pay attention to customer experience and after-sales, such as Take Lin Jie custom furniture, pay great attention to online word-of-mouth, and especially afraid of after-sales, because will produce customer time cost and my human and material cost, so we in the first time, the use of the best hardware, to ensure the Smoothness, thus accumulating a good user reputation, so that there may be customer cited and repurchase rate, we hope to grow together with customers, trust each other.